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Revitalize your towels: How to strip and rejuvenate them

Revitalize your towels with ease: A simple guide to restoring freshness and absorbency!

We all love the feeling of wrapping ourselves in a fresh, fluffy towel, right? But over time, even our favorite towels can become less absorbent and start to smell a bit…off.

Don’t worry though – we’ve got the perfect solution for you!

Today, we’re sharing a wonderful method to rejuvenate your tired towels, bringing back their absorbency and freshness.

This process, known as ‘stripping‘, involves soaking your towels in a special solution to remove all the residue and buildup. It’s like a detox for your towels!

Whether you’re a busy mum with a mountain of laundry, or someone who simply enjoys the feeling of snuggling up in fresh towels, this guide is for you.

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We’ll walk you through each step. By the end, you’ll be a towel-rejuvenation expert! So, let’s get those towels feeling brand new again, shall we? Enjoy the read, and happy stripping!

Gathering your towels

Start by collecting all the towels you wish to strip. This procedure is recommended once a month to eliminate any residue.

For instance, if you have a large family, you might end up with a sizable pile of towels. Make sure you have all of them in one place before you start.

Preparing the soaking solution

Next, find a large container, such as a bathtub or a bucket, and fill it with hot water. To this, add the three key ingredients for stripping your towels:

  • 1/4 cup of borax,
  • 1/4 cup of washing soda,
  • and 1/2 cup of laundry detergent.
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Stir these into the hot water until they are entirely dissolved. Your solution is now ready for the towels.

Soaking your towels

Immerse your towels fully in the mixture and let them soak for a minimum of four hours. However, leaving them overnight is even better.

Don’t be alarmed if the water turns a dirty color; this is the buildup being stripped from the towels.

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Rinsing and washing

After soaking, drain the dirty water and rinse your towels thoroughly with cold water. Continue rinsing until all the stripping solution is entirely out of the towels.

Then, wash your towels as you normally would in your washing machine, using your regular detergent. Remember to skip the fabric softener, as it can create buildup on your towels.

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Drying your towels

Once washed, make sure to dry your towels completely. A great natural option is drying them in the sun. However, you can also use your dryer for this purpose.

Enjoying your fresh towels

After stripping, your towels should now be more absorbent and smell fresher. Remember, stripping is an occasional process to remove buildup.

Regular washing should be enough to keep your towels clean on a daily basis. Enjoy the feel of your rejuvenated towels!

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