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Purrfect friends? Why cats brings gifts!

Cats may seem like mysterious creatures, but understanding why they bring us gifts can help us strengthen the bond between us. Dive into the science behind why cats bring gifts and learn how to nurture this special connection.

We all know cats are mysterious, loving and independent creatures. But did you know that cats can bring gifts and express their true feelings in this way?

It’s true! Cats have been known to show their appreciation and loyalty, demonstrate their hunting and stalking skills, express their love, affection, and friendship, with the gifts they bring.

In this article, we’ll explore why cats bring gifts and what you should do when they do. So read on to find out more about cats and why you should thank them for their well-meant gifts!

Showing affection

Many cats love their owners and like to show their love and affection by bringing them gifts. These gifts usually consist of mice or birds to their owners as a way of expressing their love and gratitude.

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Bringing skills to the attention

Cats may bring gifts in order to remind their owners of the skills they possess. Cats are natural hunters and often times they will bring a gift of some sort in order to show off this skill and evoke a response from their owners.

Hunting for fun

It’s not unusual to come home and find a gift from your cat waiting for you – a mouse, a bird, or maybe even a lizard! Though it’s never appreciated by us humans, it’s important to remember that cats bring us these presents out of love.

Cats are naturally very independent creatures, but they also form strong bonds with their humans. A cat’s gifts is their way of expressing their love and friendship for you.

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So next time you find an unwanted gift from your cat, remember to thank them for thinking of you!

Appeasing owners

In some cases cats may bring gifts in order to appease their owners. When cats act out, they sometimes bring gifts as a way of saying they are sorry for whatever wrong they have done.


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Gift delivery instinct

Some cats may bring gifts to their owners as a result of a natural instinct.

While cats may not always understand why they do this, it is believed that cats may be able to sense when their owners need something, and as such will deliver a gift in order to provide assistance.

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