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Personality test: Your first impression uncovers whether you’re cartesian or utopian!

Are you cartesian or utopian? Take this short test to find out! Simply look at the world around you and consider what you see first. Do you see a bright future with endless possibilities or do you see the world in terms of logical parameters? The answer to this question will reveal your true nature!

Are you a cartesian or an utopian? It’s time to find out with this personality test. By looking at the picture presented in this test, you’ll discover which category you belong to.

Cartesian people are those who prefer to stick to logical and reasonable explanations, while utopians prefer a more creative, open-minded approach.

This test will help you identify which category you belong to and how it influences your decisions.

Just tell us what you see first in this picture.

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People who first see a woman may have a cartesian personality. This type of person is analytical, rational, and logical.

They approach problems from an objective point of view, relying on facts and evidence to make decisions. They like to break down complex concepts into smaller pieces to better understand them.

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They are often highly organized and thrive in structured environments.


Those who first see a flower may have a utopian personality. These people tend to be creative, intuitive, and imaginative.

They prefer to use their intuition when making decisions, rather than relying solely on facts or evidence. These individuals are often drawn to the arts and enjoy expressing themselves in unique ways.

They may also be more spiritual and have strong beliefs in the power of positive thinking.

Thanks for taking the test and seeing whether you are Cartesian or Utopian! We hope it was a fun experience. If you liked it, why not share it with your friends and see how they fare?

Remember that this is just an entertaining test and does not offer any scientific value. Keep checking our website for more fun personality tests!

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