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Personality test: How do you deal with injustice? What you see first will reveal it!

Dealing with injustice can be a difficult and emotional process. Taking a moment to reflect on the situation and identify the root cause of the injustice can help you figure out how best to address it. Taking our test can help you develop strategies for dealing with injustice in a constructive and empowering way.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist, a conformist or a rebel when it comes to injustice? Take this personality test to find out how you deal with injustice.

This test will measure how you handle situations when someone is being treated unfairly.

By taking this personality test, you’ll gain self-awareness and insight on how to better handle situations where someone is being treated unfairly. Begin the test now and learn more about yourself!

All you have to do is look at the picture and say what you first saw spontaneously.


People who saw a book first tend to be introspective and analytical. They are not quick to jump to conclusions or take action without considering all the facts.

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They are generally patient and think things through carefully before making decisions. They are not easily swayed by emotions, but rather rely on logic and reasoning when making choices.

They often take a stand against injustice, but they do so with thoughtful consideration and strategy.


Those who saw letters first have an inquisitive mind and an eye for detail. They like to investigate and explore all the possibilities before making a decision.

They can be persuasive, but also open-minded to other perspectives.

They don’t take shortcuts or cut corners, but rather approach each situation logically and systematically with the goal of finding a fair and equitable solution.


Those who saw light first typically have a creative approach. They are not afraid to think outside the box or take risks when it comes to finding solutions.

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They are open-minded, yet decisive when formulating a plan. They see injustice as an opportunity for growth and learning.

They strive for fairness and justice, while always looking for innovative ways to make a difference.

It’s been great exploring how we all deal with injustice. While this test is for entertainment purposes and has no scientific value, it can still give us a bit of insight on how we each react to unfair situations.

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