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Logical puzzle: Test your IQ – Find the missing number in 30 seconds max!

Ready to test your IQ and see just how smart you are? Give this brain teaser a try and see if you can find the missing number in 30 seconds max!

Are you ready for a challenge? In this logical sequence, the goal is to find the missing number. The statement of the problem is summarized on the picture below.

Logic and thinking tests are great ways to exercise your brain and keep it sharp. This type of problem can be quite tricky, but with some careful thought and analysis, you can come up with the answer.

Can you find the missing number?

Solving a medium level sequence challenge

Figuring out the next number in a sequence can be a challenging task. In this particular challenge, you need to identify the number that follows 2, 4, 8, 10, and 20.

To solve this problem of medium difficulty, you must first analyze the pattern in the sequence.

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Training your logical mind is essential for finding the missing number in a logical sequence. It is not just about memorizing the sequence, but rather understanding why one number comes after the other.

Training your brain to think logically through a sequence is an important skill that can help you in many aspects of life.

Not only will it help you to understand mathematical problems better, but it will also improve your analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

By training your mind to think logically, you can become more adept at analyzing any given situation and coming up with the best solution.

Have you found the solution?! Let’s check and find out together on the next page!

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