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Brain teaser: Test your genius IQ – Can you solve it in 60 seconds max?

Ready for a challenge? Put your math genius to the test and see if you can solve this brain teaser in 60 seconds max!

Are you ready to challenge your logic and thinking skills? In this puzzle, you will be presented with a mathematical problem that needs to be solved.

The statement of the problem is summarized in the picture below. Can you solve the last equation and complete the puzzle?

Logic and thinking tests are great ways to exercise your mental muscle. They can help with improving your problem solving skills, creativity and critical thinking.

So why not give it a try and see how you fare when it comes to this puzzle of the day? Good luck!

Solving this challenge of medium level

You face a challenge of medium level when you have 4 equations with cupcakes that are sometimes decorated with a topping (cherry or chocolate). To find the value of the cupcake, the chocolate and the cherry, you must proceed as for equations with several unknowns.

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This challenge requires you to use methods such as elimination and substitution to solve the equations. It is important to be careful and accurate when calculating each step in order to achieve the correct result.

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It is important to train your logical mind in order to solve the last equation. Our brains are capable of incredible feats of logic and deduction, but only when honed and practiced. Training your brain to think logically helps develop skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and data analysis.

These skills are invaluable in many aspects of our lives, from creating strategies for success in our careers to making decisions about our personal lives. By consistently training your brain to think logically, you can increase your intelligence and improve your understanding of complex concepts.

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Additionally, training your logical mind can help you stay focused and organized, allowing you to make better decisions faster.

Did you find the solution? Let’s find out! Click the next page to see if you nailed it!

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