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Brain teaser: Can you move 2 matches to get 4 squares? Only 15% solved it in 20 seconds!

Don’t be intimidated by this mind-bending puzzle – give it a go! Think you can outsmart Einstein? Prove it by solving this puzzle with just two matches!

Today’s puzzle is a classic test of logic and problem-solving! The task is to move two matches, and with them create four squares.

The statement of the problem is visualized in the accompanying picture. It may seem like an easy feat, but don’t be fooled – this puzzle will challenge your thinking skills and can be tricky to solve!

Logic puzzles are great for testing our cognitive skills, and have been around for centuries. They can help improve our ability to think critically, identify patterns, and come up with creative solutions to problems.

These puzzles are also usually quite fun, so why not give this one a try? See if you can find the answer by moving two matches!

Forming four squares from five with two matches

The challenge is of a medium level and requires you to form four squares from five with only two matches. You are given 16 matches that form 5 squares, and you have to move two of them in order to get the 4 squares.

It is important to note that you have only 20 seconds to complete this challenge. This task is not easy and requires both speed and accuracy, as well as a basic understanding of geometry.

(c) Fabrice George

Training your logical mind is essential to mastering puzzles like these. Your logical mind can help you break down the problem into smaller problems that become easier to solve.

It also helps you understand how to think through each step of the problem and arrive at a solution in an efficient and effective way.

It is important to exercise your logical mind regularly so that you can be better prepared for the challenges that life throws your way, as well as puzzles like the one presented here.

By developing the ability to think critically and logically, you can become an adept problem solver.

Have you solved the challenge? Ready to check if you’ve got it right? Click to the next page and let’s find out!

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